About Us

HMH Electro Painters are well known for our Electro painting Services in Singapore since 1991.

We have high end technical experts, who have rich experience in replenishing existing circumstances into trendy up to date ambience and environment. We are committed to provide delightful services of restoration and refinishing.

We have been serving the re-furbishing industry for more than 25 years across Singapore; we have satisfied "n" numbers of customers during this period of time. In this span, we have rendered our sincere refinishing service to various shopping malls, corporate companies, airport, Exhibition centers, hospitals, condos, industrial and hotels in various places of Singapore.

Repair, Restore, Refinish, Refurbish and Reuse (The Family of "R"):

The Family of "R" is the future of long term sustainability of our lovely planet. Our company objectives and goals always circulate around The Family of "R". Recycling process restores the natural balance of the environment.

The world is concerned and worried about the impact of global warming, depletion of the environment, loss of irreplaceable energy and natural resources. We have given a strong commitment to ourselves that we will purely work on systems, which will be helpful in natural resources restoration. The restoration process involves significantly lesser manpower, requires fewer raw materials and requires less energy than replacing with new ones.

  • Electro Painting Service (H.M.H Electro Painters)
  • Metal Restoration Service (Metal Maintenance Services)
  • Wood surface Restoration Service
  • Kitchen cabinet Restoration Service
  • Kitchen Countertop Overlay Service (NaturaStone)
  • Re-Facing / Refinishing elevator interior Service
  • Wall and Corner protection Service (Dural Trims & Profiles)