Frequently Asked Questions

What are the applications for Electro Painitng?


Elevator entranceways, escalator claddings, aluminium wall claddings, shop fronts, cabinets, chandeliers and so on.

What are the applications of naturastone?


Kitchentop, splash backs, bar tops, bath vanity tops, shower and bath surrounds, food service counters, commercial counters, fascia panels, lift car panels, dining tables, coffee tables and so on

What is naturastone?


Naturastone is 90% quartz (One of the toughest material available on earth) and 10% acrylic resin made in a highly sophisticated technology plant in Australia. It comes in big size sheet, factory or onsite fabricated and installed by factory trained technicians. The quartz sheet polished, non-porous and tough to withstand normal scratches and stain. For more details logon to

What items can be restored by HMH Electro Painters?


Kitchen cabinets, after a period of time tend to look shoddy due to stain and scratches. If the actual structure is still intact,by re-facing cabinet doors, changing hinges, overlayinga thin, strong, durable, stain, scratch resistant slab of quartz counter top (without removing existing) , adding a splashback, you can turn your environment into a dream kitchen at a cost lot less than replacement.

Bathroom:Bath tiles stained, cracked, with too many grout joints looking shabby. There is no need to hack or whack just add an overlay of 6mm thick sturdy, stain and scratch resistant quartz over the existing tiles for a great looking bathroom at a smaller budget than total restoration.

Elevator:The interior of the elevator can be rejuvenated with an overlay of quartz lining to give a smooth, sturdy, stain, scratch resistant, easy maintenance, high quality interior wall. The elevator entrance ways can be restored by electro painting.

Elevator existing wood, stainless steel, brass, and painted finishes can be restored and refurbished from scratches, dents, dinks, corrosion, oxidation etc…

Why HMH Electro Painters?


If you care for environment, reuse existing items that are sturdy whichmay just need a facelift. Our culture is use, throw and replace; rather it should be restore, refinish, reuse, avoid landfill, save energy and conserve water. Since 1991 HMH Electro Painters strive to carry on this mission saving money to customers and playing a small part towards a sustainable future.

What metals can be restored by electro painters?


Powder coated metals, brass, copper, aluminium, bronze sculptures, electro plated, other architectural, ornamental metals and finishes

How walls and corners can be protected from everyday abuse?


Wall guard and corner guards: Walls, wall corners, stair edges, and columncorners are most abused, damaged due to trolley, carts, and baggage movements. Theycan be protected against damageswith wall guard and corner guards, at a lesser cost than frequent repair or repainting.

What kind of properties served by HMH Electro Painters ?


Major hotels: Ritz Carlton, Shangri la, Fullerton, Raffles hotel…

Office towers: SGX Centre, Capital Tower…

Commercial complexes: Changi Airport, Marina Square, Raffles city….

Condos: Valley park, Regent park, Anchorage, Dover park view ...

Serviced Residences: Ritz Carlton residences, Shangri la Residences, Plaza serviced apartments….