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Furniture Relamination

Re-lamination of door and bedroom furniture from white colour to wood grain finish

Many home owners concerned about the hygiene level and outlook of their kitchen. Worn out, dreary, and mundane looking kitchen cabinets are an eye shore. A refreshed cabinets with a new look can make lot of difference to the kitchen.

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It cost heavily to demolish and rebuild cabinets. Many people want to have cost effective, quick turn out solution to refresh kitchen. Kitchen cabinet re-facing will be the best option to save money, kitchen down time, avoid pollution, noise, wastage by breaking and throwing items that may need only re-facing.

If the cabinet structure is intact, serves the purpose and only the facing of the cabinets are worn what you may need is reface the cabinets with a new laminate to match the kitchen interior. There are many options to choose the laminate style, design and colour to suit your taste, to give a modern face lift and fresh look to the cabinets at a fraction of the cost replacement.

When you decide to go for replacement of cabinet you have to go through several steps which is time consuming and may take several weeks before you get your kitchen ready to prepare your loved foods.

Please take a note cabinets damaged extensively are not good for refacing. For a proposal to reface your cabinets please feel free to give us a call or email to