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Metal Repair & Polishing

The process of restoring & preserving a wide range metals like Bronze, Brass, Copper, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel of architectural finishes is known as architectural restoration service.

  • Services Include
  • Restoration of sculptures, plaques and statues
  • Restoring antique items
  • Restoration and refinishing of brass door handles and handrails
  • Brass letterings and signage polishing
  • Brass chandeliers restoration
  • Brass consoles, tables and bed frames refinishing
  • Brass and stainless steel balustrades polishing
  • Brass ornamental works refinishing
  • Brass, copper panels restoration and refinishing
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This process involves repair, oxidation removal, scratches removal, resurfacing, refinishing and seal protection to bring back mundane metals to new life and also maintain intricate finishes ranging from elevator doors, elevator interior, chandeliers, to sculptures.

We are well known for architectural restoration serving the star hotels, public, commercial and office complexes markets in Singapore. Our employees creates finishes with their rich experience, ranging from satin to mirror , patina finishes on materials such as bronze, copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of metal restoration services provided?


For the last two decades since 1991 Metal Maintenance Services with its dedicated, experienced team is providing a unique service to repair, restore and refinish many types of architectural metals such as powder coated steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper etc..

Which items can be restored, refinished and rejuvenated?


Lift interiors and exteriors, escalators, moving walks, sculptures, art works, signage, window & Door frames, metal wall claddings, handrails, door hardware and many other architectural works. 2

What is so unique ?


All works can be completed onsite, with no mess, no inconvenience, over night, weekends or on holidays without costly dismantling, without affecting normal operations to owners, tenants and guests,

Can the oxidized, or corroded metal be restored and protected?


Corrosion or tarnish due to oxidation can be completely removed, refinished, rejuvenated and also protected in the case of copper and brass against any further oxidation. After the metal has been refinished to factory condition, it is treated with a seal coat specifically designed for copper and brass. This eliminates the need for any polishing. Many of our projects remain maintenance free for many years and Maintenance carried out by simple wiping with a soft damp cloth and drying.

If the metal is scratched and stained, can it be restored?


Almost all damaged surfaces, with deep stain and scratches, can be restored to factory condition.

Why you need to restore and refinish ?


It is needless to say a well maintained property is appreciated by all who live and visit it. Leasing or selling a property is easier when the premises are well taken care. This also helps retain current tenants, making turnover less of a problem and restoration cost fraction of the price of replacement

Why metal finishes tarnish, oxidise or change colour over a period of time?


When the metal is exposed to weather, environmental pollution, wear and tear, misuse, mishandling are few factors that affect the metal finishes to break down. Different metal finishes’ problems have to be studied carefully and formulate a procedure to restore it carefully. For more information and consultation with no obligation please whatsapp to 90121096.