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Lift Refinishing & Protection

Without breaking down or removing the existing cab panels ,without shutting the elevator for weeks, Pre-engineered, durable, cab panels with breath taking finishes that can be easily mounted to existing cab walls in a day or two changing elevator interior stunning at much less cost.

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  • Quick installation
  • Faster turnaround of elevator to operation
  • Variety of finishes
  • Saves landfill leaving no carbon footprint
  • We pre-engineer, fabricate and install high-quality, stylish and affordable elevator interior panels and will be completing the entire service in a day or two on to the existing elevator cab walls without adding much weights.
  • Our Engineers will be assisting you to choose your preferred elevator interior cab finishes and thus will work with you on your budget.

Our services

  • Quick mount Custom elevator interiors cab panels for existing elevators.
  • Cladding and refinishing of elevator doors.
  • Scratch removal, re-grain and re-polish brass, stainless steel panels.
  • Dent repair, leveling and electro paint elevator entranceways.
  • Escalator cladding, steps and landing board cleaning and refinishing.
  • For additional information on our elevator and escalator services in Singapore, please feel free to contact HMH Electro Painters .