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Quartz Naturastone Tabletop Overlay

Kitchen top overlay service is a system where a thinner quartz/ granite that have an L in the front is being overlaid. It's thick enough and it sits on top of your current countertops, whether it's Formica, Corian, whatever material it is. There is no necessity to remove your old countertop, but that you are just overlaying with a very tough Quartz material.

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NaturaStone represents the next generation in quartz surfacing technology. The unique and environmentally friendly technology developed in Australia has not been matched by any other manufacturer worldwide. NaturaStone is backed by a twelve year warranty.

NaturaStone is a beautiful Australian Made 6mm thick Quartz Surfacing material with unimaginable durability, beauty and ease of handling.

NaturaStone can be readily applied to infinite varieties of residential and commercial projects.

NaturaStone can be installed as a complete new counter top or applied on site, and as well it can easily resurface existing counter tops.


  • Kitchen Counter Tops, Bathroom vanity tops.
  • Bar tops, Fascia panels.
  • Dining tables, Shower panels and bases.
  • Food service counters, Coffee tables.
  • Splash backs, Wall panels.
  • Commercial counters, Lift car panels
  • Laundries, Flooring.
  • Column cladding