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Lift Door Painting

HMH Electro Painters with decades of Onsite, no mess, no inconvenience spray painting experience can restore and refinish mundane elevator entrances to a completely changed new look with exciting colours in metallic, solid and antique finishes to suit new interior.

  • Services Include
  • Metal respray
  • Metal coating
  • Spray painting
  • Coating services
  • Metal cladding painting
  • Aluminium cladding painting
  • Repaint oxidised corroded metal
  • Respray metal furniture
  • Respray cabinets
  • Aluminium frame door painting
  • Painting powder coated metal
  • Spray paint window frames
  • Spray paint swimming pool furniture
  • Metal gate and fencing painting
  • Painting perforated metal
  • Painting ceiling panels
  • Painting of safes and vaults
  • Spray painting of interior finishes
  • Painting of poles and structures
  • About


HMH Electro Painters uses the highly specialized Ransburg spray equipment, which atomizes and statically charges the atomized paint as it leaves the spray head, driven only by centrifugal force. The positively charged paint seeks grounded metals and "wraps" around even the most intricate shapes. Unlike conventional spray processes, the paint is statically drawn only to the metal from all directions, so there is no overspray, spatters or mess.

Before commencing job we do site preparation works like barricading, signage, masking before starting electro painting. Surfaces need to be sanded, degreased and cleaned before application of electro painting. Electro Painters can refinish almost anything onsite, over night. The next morning you arrive at a fresh, updated environment. For a fraction of the replacement cost, Electro painters can transform a dreary, mundane environment into a new area in which to work. Electro Painting is a process which provides a clean, evenly spread coat of paint. This in turn generates the smooth factory finish.